November 2015

I have travelled several hundred kilometers to reach my new home. Upon arrival, I was locked in a dark place for a while. Later, my two-stroke heart was ripped out and I am now waiting in an undefined state. Of course, I’m petrified, but somehow I feel my abductors are striving to offer me a happy new life.
The surgical suite is ready, and strange organs are laid out on the floor and tables near me. Some of them have arrived from all over the world, some are hand made here, while others are 3D-printed abroad. The team is working frantically, but I’m still unsure about why. They are preparing, arranging and unboxing tools and tiny parts. Tidying up the place. Making plans and rehearsing the upcoming procedure. They are almost as excited as I am!
A cardboard box is being opened and I cannot restrain my curiosity. What a wonderful picture, it's a shiny, new heart! A strange one, it's round and symmetrical, with star-like decorations. (Little did I know at the time about the troubles the team will go through to make it fit inside my body.)
The silence of the village is shattered by an emergency vehicle. Is that a new organ for me? After a short while, this box arrives in the emergency room. My heart wanted to go boom, boom, boom! but hey, it was still powerless, sitting on a shelf. What is this? I've never seen a body part like this before. They say it's my [future] brain!
Just when I thought that all of my new parts had arrived, I had few more pleasant surprises. Again, some alien shapes. Only the color is familiar: blood! In fact, they are a strange hybrid of blood and lungs. This time, their pompous scientific name starts with four letters of truth: LiFePO4 battery cells. Please do not ask me what that means!
Let me introduce you to the other aliens in the team. With every passing day, I feel better when I hear their steps in the morning. The key in the door lock, the lights and heat turned on, it's a great way to start a new day!

On the right, Nicu is ready!
On the left, Mircea means business! I can tell by sound that he has the hands of a master tinkerer; the clothing that he cuts and fashions for me feels perfect from Minute One!
From left to right, Claudiu, Barbu and Răzvan. When the team was stuck with mounting my motor, Claudiu brought a Deus ex machina solution to the problem. Let's take a closer look at this [minor] miracle. For geeks, we prepared a complete story of this episode.
That's one badass machine: CNC water jet cutter. At several thousand bars, the water and sand jet surges at twice the speed of sound! No bang, but nothing stands in its way — steel, glass, stone, you name it. Up to 20 cm (8-inches) thick. You can go and see it in person at Krautz Production. Just don't shake hands!
Nicu made the first sketches for the motor mount by hand. After careful verification, Nistor and Răzvan gave CAD instructions to a computer that gave G-code instructions to another computer, which precisely and meticulously guided the jet sword through metal.
Incremental progress toward the final shape is clearly visible. First the bare metal. Then back to the surgical suite for painting, screw threads and finally, mounting the motor!
Motor mounting headaches did not end with the cage. Everything on the motor was constructed in Imperial Unit measurements: shaft and key diameter, bolts and so on. Manufacturing, adapting and finding those specialty parts took a disproportionate time during my revival / surgical intervention. But I can guarantee one thing: all this pain was worth it!
More custom parts have been created by the team — their attention makes me feel so special!

On the left, a 3D-printed accelerator pedal sensor. On the right, a custom rear axle sprocket.
What really gets me fired up is the battery! Carefully chosen cells have been assembled by the team and housed in a beautiful box made by Mircea. I feel my first deep (electrical) breath is near!
There is one more thing! I need a nervous and circulatory system, in short, a wire harness. And we know brain surgery is delicate, so more help was needed. No worries, Sorin and Ciprian came to the rescue!
Just over one week since the beginning of this wonderful adventure, my wheels are turning again in an eerie, effortless motion. The absence of the usual shivering emanating from my banging heart fills me with fear at first, then with sheer joy! I’m not coughing smoke like a flameless dragon as I used to.

Now that the mud has settled and my mind is clear, I finally understand: I have been reincarnated as an Electric Dragonfly!